Introducing Team Mud Pointers!

It is very exciting to introduce you all to our team the Mud Pointers!


This is a team I started putting together for the Mud Challenger event happening on Saturday, August 17th. This will be an awesome day, especially because it benefits the wounded warriors who have risked everything to protect our freedom! Also, make new friends in the SharePoint Community.


The Mud Challenger is the ultimate obstacle course challenge, featuring a 2-4 mile mud-trodden course with grueling, unpredictable obstacles, designed by Navy Seals and Black Ops. MudChallenger is more than just a mud run, it’s the ultimate challenge that encourages teamwork and demands endurance. Not to mention, the entire course and obstacles are a secret.

So who wants to join me?

I am hoping to grow the team along within the Houston SharePoint community and to have a glorious time with everybody! I also plan to lose 20 lbs. as I train and add healthy years back into my life.

If you are interested, please join the Mud Pointers registration here>>  and once you have registered, please order your Awesome Mud Pointer Tee right here>>

Make sure you order your Mud Pointers Team T-shirt by July 15 so you can benefit from the free shipping!

Please see the instructions on how to order and personalize your t-shirt below. We have set it all up so you can join us very easily 🙂

You can also have these instructions handy by downloading them here>>

1. Click design link
2. Click on ‘Edit This Design’

3. Once in the design lab click ‘rotate’ to the upper left hand side of the lab next to ‘sleeve print’

4. Click on ‘LAST NAME’ so that a blue text box shows up around the text

5. To the left of the lab under ‘new text | edit text” and place your name, then click on “update”

6. Once you enter your last name click ‘save/send’ at the bottom of the lab right next to ‘get quote’

7. Name your design and enter your email address, then click ‘Save Design’

8. Once your design is saved go back into the lab and click ‘get quote’

9. Enter the size you would like then click ‘Get Quote’

10. Follow the instructions once you enter your zip code

11. Once you see your quote click ‘Buy Now’ and then follow the instructions to check out for your shirt

12. If you have any questions about placing this order then please contact Amanda Werth at CustomInk.  She can be reached at 1-800-293-4232 and ask for Amanda Werth.

Let’s do this!!!