The Executive Governance Primer

The last couple of months, I have spent significant amounts of time working on helping organizations improve their governance over SharePoint.  Some companies have failed many times over and spent very large amounts of money with no real “value” to demonstrate.   I have been looking for a book that I could hand to key executives and stakeholders to understand the magnitude of the task at hand, but also provide a roadmap towards implementing it.  So I ran into this book, “Microsoft SharePoint for Business Executives Guide”, which provides an excellent book to provide to help everyone get on the same page.  Here is my summary from Amazon:

“This is a great book for executives, directors, managers and other key decision makers working on building a roadmap around SharePoint governance and strategy. The question and answer format is used to organize the sections around key challenges, but it also focuses on prescribing an actionable response. The various sections offer high level guidance in several key areas, such SharePoint in the cloud to on-site hosting, understanding roles and responsibilities to growing proper SharePoint teams, and maintaining and supporting the platform. Most importantly, this book emphasizes on leveraging the capabilities of SharePoint, and supporting this robust and complex platform. I recommend this book for everyone who has a SharePoint environment and is looking to mature the platform properly.”

This guide is a great start and roadmap for any organization looking to use SharePoint fully.

Office 365 and Outlook 2010: Handle various email addresses

Thought I would share a piece of useful information regarding the use “other emails” in Exchange online.  Traditionally, an account is created with an email address for handling public and shared email accounts.  In Office 365, you can add “other emails” to an account to save the cost of adding additional accounts.  In order to identify the emails coming in from the difference email addresses, you can use a server rule looking into the internet header information.

Outlook 2010 Email Properies Internet Headers

In my case, the email I am looking for is  I created a new blank rule and use the condition “with <specific words> in the message header”.  Then you can create whatever action is deemed proper.

Outlook 2010 Message Header Rule