SharePoint Fest 2013 Denver Presentations

Wow, this year attendance was great.  Everyone has been asking outstanding questions and seem to be exactly the right audience.  I appreciate everyone who has attended my sessions.  Please find the slide decks and files here. I also have posted the slides over on

wf102 – Build scalable SharePoint 2013 Staged Workflows to run locally and in the Cloud

SharePoint 2013 now supports two workflow platforms. We will walk through using the two workflow platforms and how they are different. We will configure the SharePoint 2013 Workflow Manager and build a workflow that can run locally and in the Azure cloud seamlessly.

Attendee Takeaways:

  1. Understanding both of the SharePoint 2013 Workflow architectures.
  2. Learn to setup and configure the SharePoint 2013 Workflow Manager.
  3. Learn to build staged workflows and run them in the local or the Microsoft Azure cloud


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sia203 – Boost the Performance of SharePoint Today!

Is your farm struggling to server your organization? How long is it taking between page requests? Where is your bottleneck in your farm? Is your SQL Server tuned properly? Worried about upgrading due to poor performance? We will look at various tools for analyzing and measuring performance of your farm. We will look at simple SharePoint and IIS configuration options to instantly improve performance. I will discuss advanced approaches for analyzing, measuring and implementing optimizations in your farm as well as Performance Improvements in SharePoint 2013.


Slides as Slideshare

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