SharePoint 2010 Performance at the Houston SharePoint User Group

Hi All,

I did the technical presentation on Wednesday, Jan 19, 2011 at the Houston SharePoint User Group over SharePoint 2010: Boost the Performance of SharePoint Today!

The turn out was fantastic.  I can’t thank you enough for coming.  As requested by many, I am posting my slides and the scripts used during the demo.



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Presentation Summary:

Is your farm struggling to serve your organization? How long is it taking between page requests? Where is your bottleneck in your farm? Is your SQL Server tuned properly? Worried about upgrading due to poor performance? We will look at various tools for analyzing and measuring performance of your farm. We will look at simple SharePoint and IIS configuration options to instantly improve performance. Mr. Culver will discuss advanced approaches for analyzing, measuring and implementing optimizations in your farm.

Here are the slides and scripts I used to demo:


2 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 Performance at the Houston SharePoint User Group”

  1. Brian,

    It was a pleasure meeting you and I enjoyed your presentation. It has been a long time since I have attended such a presentation and the presenter had that much enthusiasm and love for his/her topic. I look forward to attending more of your presentations.

    Thank you for adding the presentation and files. They have already been a big help.

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