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Hi Everyone,

I hope to use this blog to document my SharePoint finding’s among other things. Often I have learned things I’d like to put somewhere, but I have yet to actually do this as I’d like. A blog isn’t exactly what I’ve had in mind, but after two years of thinking this … I figure it works for others, why not? right?! So I will share my findings with others … some things of course won’t make it here as they may be specific IP to a client or my employer. Otherwise, I hope this will benefit me and others. I look forward to reading positive feedback as well. I invite other to help me enrich the knowledge shared here.

I am a senior consultant for the Gimmal Group in Houston, TX. Our company specializes in Enterprise Content Management. Previously, we have been a Documentum shop; With the emergence of MOSS 2007, we have added MOSS as a strategic tool which compliments Documentum and other ECM systems. Having said that, SharePoint isn’t an full blown ECM system, but it offers many content management features to business for a very affordable price.

I look forward to writing more … later


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  1. Brian, I am running a massive 2TB database on a personal SBS server with MOSS 2003 and looking at ugrading to MOSS 2007 as a great improvement over 2003. One of the things I am tinkering with is a way to play uploaded movies on the server itself to be viewed over a low bandwidth on the WAN — literally from anywhere connected to the internet. I thought you might know of something that is unique to sharepoint in doing this or might have read something about setting this kind of thing up.

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