Build a SP2013 Content Enrichment Service

Hi, yes it has been a while. Its been a brutal year.  I now have 4 girls, two recent twins. Probably doubled the gray hairs on my head by now.  Had to move to a bigger home.  Had to get a minivan to accommodate the bigger family. After moving into the house, I have been fixing things for 3 months now … an still not done.  There’s much more as well. Nonetheless, here I am … now to CEWS (Content Enrichment Web Service).

So there are many articles out there, between several I was able to get something working. Lets start with the basics:

  • Content Enrichment is a process by which you can add/modify/enhance metadata to the search index directly.
  • Content Enrichment does not add metadata to the actual document or list item.
  • Content Enrichment only works for on-premise farms.  Thus, not Office 365.
  • Content Enrichment is deployed as a web service.
  • Content Enrichment can be great if done properly … poor code will slow down search very significantly.

The basic steps for creating and deploying a CEWS are:

  1. Using Visual Studio 2012 or 2013, create a WCF Service Application project.
  2. Create your Content Enrichment Service
    1. Implement the IContentProcessingEnrichmentService interface from the Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.ContentProcessingEnrichment assembly which you must reference (located at c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\15.0\Search\Applications\External\ by default; unless you installed SharePoint somewhere else).
  3. Register your Content Enrichment Service with Powershell
  4. Test and Validate
  5. Once satisfied, package your solution
  6. Deploy your solution to Azure or IIS (or elsewhere as you need).

Here a couple other resources for more information:

  • How to: Use the Content Enrichment web service callout for SharePoint Server

  • Custom content processing with the Content Enrichment web service callout


SharePoint Saturday Utah

SharePoint Saturday Utah has begun with a great crowd. I presented my session “Unlock your Big Data with Analytics and BI on Office 365” which is a Level 200 class. In my session I discuss how companies have huge amounts of data waiting to be explored. With Azure HDInsights (Microsoft’s Hadoop cluster solution in partnership with Nortonworks) you can realize the value of your data. With Microsoft Excel 2013 and Office 365, you have a complete platform for BI solutions and services. PowerPivot, Power View, Power Query, Power Map and Power BI Sites empowers users analyze and make decisions using structured and unstructured data.
Attendee Takeaways:
1. Learn to setup and configure HDInsights on Microsoft Azure.
2. Understand how to use Excel for BI capabilities.
3. Build a BI Dashboard in Office365.

Find the slide deck here:

and the code demo and sample here:

SharePoint Fest DC August 2013


I am very excited to be participating in the Sharepoint Fest DC in August 2013! I hope the attendance is great and look forward to learning and sharing knowledge with different audiences!
I invite all of you to register for the event early since the prices will increase on May 31/2013 –> register here!, who wouldn’t want to do an early bird registration for this great event? 🙂

Enter the code Culver100DC when you register for an extra $100 off !  Please make sure you enter it exactly as it is here (pesky spaces will cause for it not to work)

Some of my sessions include topics such as:

SharePoint 2013 Extranets: How will SharePoint 2013 connect you to your partners?
How will SharePoint 2013 allow organizations to collaborate and share knowledge with clients and partners? SharePoint empowers organization to build extranet sites and partner portals inexpensively and securely. Learn about the Product Catalog site template and how you can to use it. Learn about the new improvements in SharePoint 2013 regarding extranets. Learn how SharePoint 2013 can help your organization open its doors to its clients and partners securely.

Build scalable SharePoint 2013 Staged Workflows to run locally and in the Cloud
SharePoint 2013 now supports two workflow platforms. We will walk through using the two workflow platforms and how they are different. We will configure the SharePoint 2013 Workflow Manager and build a workflow that can run locally and in the Azure cloud seamlessly.

You will be able to attend technical classes and seminars (view full agenda here>>) – taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers, Microsoft engineers and Microsoft MVPs where there will be sessions created for SharePoint administrators, software developers, information architects and knowledge workers which will guarantee to truly help you leverage SharePoint in your current environment.

What a Great Event! – SharePoint Saturday The Conference in Washington, DC | Aug 11-13, 2011



Wow … can I say wow!  I had a great time at the conference.  It is rare to have go many great people in one place.  Awesome, I spoke to so many great speakers.  The attendees where absolutely great … great questions, interaction and honestly, they were hungry to learn.  It simply cannot get better.

To fully appreciate the conference, lets go over some stats here:

  • 195 Amazing Speakers from all over the world
  • 280 Sessions, 20 sessions on average per hour
  • 200 Fantastic Volunteers
  • 60 Awesome Sponsors
  • Over 2000 Attendees !!

More stats and information from Dux, the mastermind behind it

I have to give props to everyone who contributed to this amazing conference.  The following post details the efforts of the specific individuals … I can’t imagine working with 200 volunteers, roughly 200 speakers and I am sure there are far more things we don’t even know about.  Great job guys and gals!!!The SharePoint’s Got

Talent Show was champed by Marcy Kellar.  Check out the Talented Crew here:

To summarize, this was a tremendous event.  I am greateful that I was able to participate in the event and meet so many great people.



SharePoint 2010 Performance at the Houston SharePoint User Group

Hi All,

I did the technical presentation on Wednesday, Jan 19, 2011 at the Houston SharePoint User Group over SharePoint 2010: Boost the Performance of SharePoint Today!

The turn out was fantastic.  I can’t thank you enough for coming.  As requested by many, I am posting my slides and the scripts used during the demo.



View more presentations from Brian Culver.

Presentation Summary:

Is your farm struggling to serve your organization? How long is it taking between page requests? Where is your bottleneck in your farm? Is your SQL Server tuned properly? Worried about upgrading due to poor performance? We will look at various tools for analyzing and measuring performance of your farm. We will look at simple SharePoint and IIS configuration options to instantly improve performance. Mr. Culver will discuss advanced approaches for analyzing, measuring and implementing optimizations in your farm.

Here are the slides and scripts I used to demo: