First SharePoint Saturday in Houston



Today is a great day here in Houston. We are having our first SharePoint Saturday today. Over 400 people registered, the conference area is looking great. I met the speakers last night and we had a lot of fun even after the dinner. Today, I am presenting two sessions:

  • SharePoint 2010 Performance: Boost the Performance of SharePoint Today!
  • SharePoint 2010 Extranets & Authentication: How will SharePoint 2010 connect you to your partners?

I look forward to meeting our SharePoint community in Houston. Off to the conference.


Presenting at FEDSPUG April 1st via LiveMeeting

Topic: How will SharePoint 2010 connect you to your partners? SharePoint 2010 Extranets and Authentication
How will SharePoint 2010 allow organizations to collaborate and share knowledge with clients and partners? SharePoint empowers organizations to build extranet sites and partner portals inexpensively and securely. Learn what exactly is claims based authentication and how you can use it. Learn about the new multi-authentication mode in SharePoint 2010. Learn how SharePoint 2010 can help your organization open its doors to its clients and partners securely.

This is a LiveMeeting  presentation, come join us.
April 1st from 1PM-3PM Central

New Microsoft Certified SharePoint Master in Houston

New Microsoft Certified SharePoint Master in Houston


So I have been very quiet for the last several months.  I have also been very busy.  On February 8th, 2010, I finally completed my last qualification to become a Microsoft Certified SharePoint Master.  My journey started early in 2008 when the program was announced.  I was accepted into the program on my second try.

My first attempt (during the interviews) was a humbling lesson where it highlighted my strengths and it opened my eyes to areas I had not ventured into.  I had been working with SharePoint for about four years around that time.  Through much determination and perseverance, I read the pre-reading list with 81 items and sought out opportunities with my clients to exercise my growing knowledge.

My second attempt was still a humbling lesson, SharePoint is an enormous platform and framework which can be used in so many ways.  The news was exciting, I was accepted into the fourth MCM rotation.

The three weeks in Seattle were brutal and exhausting, but every day I could only think “awesome”.  Every candidate and instructor is very skilled, knowledgeable, experienced and on top of their game.  The experience and knowledge shared during the three weeks makes the entire process worth every bit of effort, time and, of course, money.  I have to add that this certification is not for everyone.  It is very difficult, very challenging and it will impact your life and family.  The pre-reading really is a requirement and it still may not be enough. You have to read all of it before you get there if you are to succeed.  You should also experience as much of it as well.  I cannot say enough about the support my family has given to me.  I spent countless weekends, holidays, car trips and rides reading, practicing, discussing and breaking SharePoint in new creative ways in preparation.  The entire last year (and some) has been one of the most rewarding years as a result of this journey.  I hope to continue this journey as we welcome SharePoint 2010 and I look forward to contributing to the SharePoint community.

And my family grows

Its been a while since I have written. Well its time to break the news … we had a beautiful baby girl. She’s great … time consuming and fun. We are trying to get back into the swing of things. Here is one of my favorite pictures of her. This is our first baby after eight years of marriage. I am happy we had eight years to solidify our relationship … I can see a new baby straining a young fresh marriage; it can be done nonetheless. Babies are great though … I have to admit though: I am beginning to have a better understanding of my parents.

Making a mark on the web

Hi Everyone,

I hope to use this blog to document my SharePoint finding’s among other things. Often I have learned things I’d like to put somewhere, but I have yet to actually do this as I’d like. A blog isn’t exactly what I’ve had in mind, but after two years of thinking this … I figure it works for others, why not? right?! So I will share my findings with others … some things of course won’t make it here as they may be specific IP to a client or my employer. Otherwise, I hope this will benefit me and others. I look forward to reading positive feedback as well. I invite other to help me enrich the knowledge shared here.

I am a senior consultant for the Gimmal Group in Houston, TX. Our company specializes in Enterprise Content Management. Previously, we have been a Documentum shop; With the emergence of MOSS 2007, we have added MOSS as a strategic tool which compliments Documentum and other ECM systems. Having said that, SharePoint isn’t an full blown ECM system, but it offers many content management features to business for a very affordable price.

I look forward to writing more … later