Change the global SharePoint 2013 Label

Hi All,

Something I find very useful when working with clients is to help them distinguish each environment between development (DEV), testing (TEST), Staging (STAGE) and Production (PROD). Some clients may have even more environments.  Lets take a look at the change in the UI first…

This is the Out of the Box label (Before):

SharePoint Label Out of the Box


This is the customized label (After):

SharePoint Label modified


So how do we do it, we use PowerShell to change the label at the web application level:

Add-PSSnapin *share*
$webapp = Get-SPWebApplication http://bcdevsp2013
$webapp.SuiteBarBrandingElementHtml = “SharePoint DEV”;

I hope this comes in handy.  It is a subtle thing, but very helpful throughout the application lifecycle.



PS – Happy New Years to everyone.